Threadfin Shad (Dorosoma petenense)

   The threadfin shad is a freshwater species that is considered a baitfish.  They are an important forage species for larger predatory fish.  They can be found in
lakes, backwaters, and pools of medium to large rivers where they will usually be found in open water over sand, mud or debris.  

   The threadfin is similar to the gizzard shad in color and shape and can be harder to tell apart.  The threadfin has a more pointed snout than the gizzard, yellow
fins, and the spot near the gill cover is purple and persists even in adults.  The threadfin is considerably smaller than the gizzard reaching only 9 inches.  

   These fish can be found in open water of Lake Lanier usually in large schools.  They will occasionally be caught while fishing for sunfish, but are more often
caught for bait with casting nets.  They are good for striper and bass fishing as well as cut bait for catfish.  These fish also are regularly eaten by herring gulls.  
These birds give a good indication of where larger predatory fish are actively feeding by circling overhead and diving into the water to try and catch the ones that
the predators have pushed to the surface.